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Getting Married at Stationers Hall / Ave Maria Lane, London, EC4M 7DD

Fran and Theo hired Stationers Hall in the City of London to host their wedding. Stationers Hall is slap bang in the middle of the City on the beautifully named Ave Maria Lane. The London guildhall wedding venue is ancient, going back over 500 years. St. Pauls Cathedral is a two minute walk and there’s a plenty of ‘ye olde’ cobbled lanes that I love using for Mr and Mrs portraits.

Stationers Hall London City Wedding Photographer

I arrived early to Stationers Hall where Theo was meeting and greeting guests. The Main Hall was looking fabulous and already set up ready for dinner and speeches later in the day. There’s a medieval vibe in the Main Hall with Coats of Arms and huge flags hanging from the wooden panelled walls.  There’s also a cool balcony overlooking the entire Hall. I’m a balcony fan (it’s a niche club!) as it enables me to stay out of the way yet be mix for low key documentary wedding photography.

Central London Banquet Hall Wedding Venues

Fran arrived with her bridal party and walked through the stunning private gardens. The manicured private garden space at Stationers Hall is gorgeous. And massive! Considering this stunning London wedding venue is right in the middle of the City there’s a ton of space for al fresco drinks and confetti. The garden at Stationers Hall is reached via an ancient passage off the cute cobbled courtyard at the front of the building.

Discrete and low key London Wedding Photographer

Both Fran and Theo were keen on a softly softly approach to their wedding photography. They wanted a lot of black and white photography and minimal fuss. I’m guessing they must have read the memo because that’s exactly my style. The wedding took place in The Court Room. The Court Room at Stationers Hall is magnificent. There’s lots of gold gilding and chandeliers. Rows of seating left a space for me to move all around the periphery of the room without impacting on guests eye-lines, perfect.

St. Pauls Cathedral Wedding Photographer

The Stationers Hall Court Room has plenty of natural light and a stylish wrought iron staircase that leads directly from the ceremony room to the garden. It was down these steps that Fran and Theo descended into a storm of confetti and cheering. While we had everyone in one place I nipped back up the stairs to grab a fun ‘everyone’ portrait. Then after a few family group portraits the bride and groom and I nipped of for wander.

Wedding Portraits at St. Pauls Cathedral

St. Pauls Cathedral is a two minute walk away from Stationers Hall. The iconic building makes for a pretty stunning back drop so Fran, Theo and I strolled over for some portraits. As is my relaxed wedding photography style, the walk is the shoot. I like to have a fun route where we take 15 minutes or so walking through some cool London spaces, me taking unposed portraits.

Dinner and Wedding Speeches at Stationers Hall

This historic London wedding venue has an old school charm. A gavel is used to bash a block of wood to call guests in for the evening meal. Speeches commenced, funny and amusing in equal measure. There’s always going to be fireworks when the groom is die hard Arsenal fan and father of the bride is a Spurs supporter! I was able to photograph the proceedings from my balcony as well as walking the room. I love the details that go into a wedding. In this case, Fran and Theo had named all the tables after their fave movies. The wedding flowers, from The London Flower Shop and wedding cake, from Little Bear Cakery were setting the bar very high at this awesome wedding bash.

Booking a London Wedding Photographer

Are you planning a Stationers hall wedding? I have plenty of availability towards the end of the year and into 2025. You can use my Contact Form to get in touch and check out my Portfolio for more examples of my wedding photography. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at this beautiful Stationers Hall wedding, I’m keeping everything crossed for a return visit in the near future.

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