Kew Gardens Wedding Photographer

Are you planning a Kew Gardens Wedding?

Kew Gardens is one of the largest botanical gardens in London. It has several large, manor homes and a variety of other stunning structures. I am John Sanders, your Kew Gardens wedding photographer. There are many areas on the grounds that are ideal for a wedding. The Nash Conservatory is rich in architectural beauty and one of the most unique buildings on the grounds.

The Temperate House and its unique glass ceiling and wrought iron structure is one-of-a-kind, much like many of the buildings on the property. As a wedding photographer, I can utilize every opportunity to create the perfect backdrop for a specific shot. When you choose Kew Gardens, you will be celebrating your big day at one of the most iconic locations in the UK.

Kew Gardens History

Kew Gardens is part of a much larger property managed by the Royal Botanical Gardens. Established in 1759, the Gardens were created on what was known as Kew Fields. The gardens encompass 300 acres and have their own police force. Due to the large variety of scientific projects and comprehensive list of plants and trees, the gardens must be kept secure. The area was attached to many Royal properties. The houses within the gardens eventually became a small community. Over time, members of the Royal family built large homes and palaces on the property.

Today, Kew Gardens is home to many of the most beautiful plant specimens in the world. There are 36 buildings on the property. Many are country homes, while others were constructed as conservatories and scientific studies. The Palm House and the Orangery are beautiful structures suited for many different purposes. They are great options for wedding photography or hosting any size gathering.

Weddings are the most beautiful of ceremonies. Many couples who visit Kew Gardens for the first time are overwhelmed by the many options they have to choose from. The stunning structures and garden areas are exquisitely designed and maintained. The bride and groom can choose one location for the wedding breakfast and another for the wedding reception. Kew Gardens has everything that a couple in love could ever want.

Kew Gardens Wedding and Events

Nash Conservatory and Cambridge Cottage are licensed for civil ceremonies in Kew Gardens. The Conservatory can seat up to 200 guests, while the Cottage will hold up to 120. The high ceilings of the Conservatory and floor-to-ceiling windows let in an abundance of natural light that makes wedding photography easy and relaxed. Take in the beauty of buildings that have been host to Royals and wealthy alike.

During the wedding reception, your friends can tour the lovely gardens and visit the Princess of Wales Conservatory. Take a golf buggy and go for a short ride around the grounds. Have a drink with your bridesmaids or have a few pictures taken of them in one of the many floral gardens. If you choose Kew Gardens, your wedding day will be one you won’t soon forget. You will receive the highest quality service at the hotel as well as with the catering.

Meet John Sanders, Your Kew Gardens Photographer

My name is John, and I am a well-known London wedding photographer. My job as your photographer is to tell your wedding story in the most memorable way possible. I prefer using a very relaxed and natural, documentary-style approach. I will take pictures throughout the wedding venue, capturing glimpses of the decor and little extras that make the wedding venue unique. I stay in the shadows so that I can move without interrupting the festivities.

As a photographer, I love to play with light. Natural light is an amazing resource, and I love how I can use it to my advantage. Weddings are full of opportunities for me to capture the bride and groom and their family, friends, and guests as they enjoy the celebration. I look for raw emotion but I also look for the joy and happiness that only true love can bring.

Let’s Get You on the Books!

I am in high demand as a Kew Garden wedding photographer. Contact me as soon as you set your wedding date. We will set up an appointment and get to know one another. We can begin planning what you will be looking for in terms of wedding photography and what type of wedding album you would like to receive. My ultimate goal as your wedding photographer is to provide you with a wedding album you will want to share with friends and family for many years to come.

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