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I am a Hackney Wedding Photographer. For me, it’s always been about people and light. I have been behind a camera for my entire professional life. Before I started photographing weddings I started out photographing Pop Bands for Smash Hits Magazine. I still have a commercial photography business photographing in the Educational Sector, Celebrity Portraiture and Advertising. Then, about ten or so years ago, I dipped a toe into wedding photography and rapidly became hooked. Documentary wedding photography condenses everything I love about being behind a camera: people, stories, raw emotion, plus some pretty splendid locations to boot.

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Here’s a pic of the Sanders gang, taken on a recent wander round Abney Park, in Stoke Newington… really quite fond of this lot!

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I know how precious your wedding imagery is because I have been there myself. Fourteen years ago, I married the love of my life, Beth, in a gem of a church in London’s East End, Our Lady of the Assumption in Bethnal Green. So I know how it feels to be on the other side of the lens, and how much those images matter. Believe me, if you think you care about your wedding pictures now it’s nothing to how you’ll feel about them in a decade’s time. They are an investment worth making (I know, I’m a London wedding photographer, I would say that, but it’s true nonetheless!).

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Since getting hitched, Beth and I have set up home in Stoke Newington, Hackney. Along the way, we have acquired two junior decorators (or children, as Beth insists on calling them) plus one cat, who is no help whatsoever on the renovations front. When I haven’t got a camera in my hands, or a child that needs ferrying somewhere I play tennis and enjoy (kinda) a run in Clissold Park. I also enjoy odd pint of Guinness…

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Sadly during these Covid times we are reliant on phone calls, Skype or Zoom. Usually we would meet up, grab a coffee or a glass of something stronger, and chat through your plans. In the mean time, whatever means of communication you choose, I would love to hear from you. Fingers crossed we can return to normal in 2021! If I strike you as the kind of Hackney Wedding Photographer you are looking for, drop me a line Wedding photographer contact page.

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