wedding reception at Jones and Sons in Dalston

Gillett Square Dalston Restaurant Wedding Reception

The stylish grooms wanted a local wedding in their home Borough of Stoke Newington with a wedding reception at Jones and Sons in Gillett Square, Dalston. All three locations in their Dalston Wedding day were walkable. The chic crowd strolled between venues and luckily the sun shone throughout. I met the lovely couple at their home in Stoke Newington. We walked to Stoke Newington Town Hall, the fellas in their matching velvet Tuxedo’s. It used to be a very American thing to get married in black tie but I see it more and more; personally, I’m a fan.

Getting married at Stoke Newington Town Hall?

Stoke Newington Town Hall is part of the Hackney Venues group. Hackney Venues run a cool stable of venues including Clissold House, Hackney Town Hall and the new Springfield Glass House, which I am yet to photograph at, hint hint…I am a preferred supplier for Hackney Venues and regularly photograph weddings at their venues. The Council Chamber at Stoke Newington Town Hall is bright, wooden panelled and has a touch of cool to it. There is a fun balcony where the ‘naughty table’ often sit. As is often the case, the wedding ceremony flew by and in 25 minutes we were back outside celebrating and cheering the happy couple. The boys and I went for a little walk around Clissold Park with their hound Eddie. Clissold Park is a fantastic area for wedding portraits and located directly behind Stoke Newington Town Hall.

Cool Gay Wedding Reception in Gillett Square Dalston Hackney

The walk between venues was very much part of the wedding day. While I walked about Clissold Park with the grooms the guests made their way to Jones and Sons in Gillettt Square in Dalston. Some guests made a little pit stop at The Rose and Crown Pub opposite Stoke Newington Town Hall. The Rose and Crown is a perfect pre/post wedding pub and the starting point of most Stoke Newington Town Hall weddings. Once we had picked up the guests and relieved them of their Aperol Spritzes we all marched through the back streets to Gillett Square and the Jones and Sons Restaurant. This was my first visit to Jones and Sons and had only seen it in the excellent Boiling Point – the Netflix movie about a very messy chef, well worth a watch btw.

Cool Hackney Restaurant Wedding Reception Venues

Dalston Hackney Documentary Wedding Photographer

Jones and Sons looked fabulous and the court yard was perfect for pre dinner drinks. There was a convenient ladder leaning against the far wall which I jumped up for a big ‘everyone picture’. I’m not sure Health and Safety would have approved of my monkey antics but I’ve learnt its often better to do it and apologise rather than not do it at all! The food and service at Jones and Sons was amazing. The staff were super helpful and befoe long the guests were seated and speeches were under way. I floated about capturing the fun while also being treated to some delish dinner too. Jones and Sons in Dalston’s Gillett Square has a excellent annex room where the DJ set up. Its always useful to have a separate room for dancing, it saves a ton of time not having to move tables etc.

Jones and Sons Dalston Wedding Reception

After the meal and cake cutting the guests relaxed with cocktails in the yard or celebrated at their tables. Dalston is a vibrant area and Gillett Square is a heady mix of street food, boom boxes with a hint of weed in the air. The wedding was cool and stylish and suited this hedonistic vibe. The DJ smashed it with 80’s bangers and the dance-floor was packed all night. I left the lovely couple late into the night and was able to walk home as I live in Stoke Newington – result!

Award winning Hackney Documentary Wedding Photographer

I am a Hackney Documentary wedding photographer. I live in Stoke Newington and photograph weddings all over Hackney and North London. If you are planning your own Dalston wedding and would like to check my availability then drop me a line. I have plenty of space in the 2023 diary and even some dates late in 2022. I love a winter wedding and Jones and Sons would suit a dark romantic December wedding bash. I hope you have enjoyed looking at my images from this gorgeous wedding, here are a few more – enjoy.

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