All Souls Church Langham Place Wedding Photographer

Documentary wedding photography at All Souls Church in Langham Place and wedding reception at The Crypt in Ckerkenwell Green

All Souls Church in Langham Place is an iconic London Church located at the top of Regents Street in the heart of London’s Westend. Langham Place is a super Stylish area and home to the BBC and also the five star Hotel and Restaurant Langhams. Miriam and Harry are regular church goers and All Souls Church is very much part of their lives. Heres a link to other London Church weddings I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. The popular Westend Church has a stunning circular exterior with columns but sadly for M & H is currently under a ton of scaffolding! The interior of All Souls Church on Langham Place is equally beautiful. There is a cool balcony that runs all around the interior. As a documentary wedding photographer its super useful to be able to use the balcony for discrete angles and a view of the entire congregation.

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Miriam arrived to All Souls Church with her bridal party – the sun shone. Harry had been busy at the church meeting and greeting guests. I had been floating about photographing the excitement building in my usual mix of colour and black and white. This was a full Mass, traditional wedding ceremony. The vicar was a family friend and spoke with real passion and love for this terrific couple. Once wedding rings had been exchanged the bride and groom literally danced back up the aisle as a band played them out on stage. Yes…a full band, including a drum kit…in a church…on Langham Place….awesome!

Wedding Receptions at Langhams Hotel in Langham Place

Usually I would do all the family group photography on the steps outside All Souls Place. But due to the ugly scaffolding it was decided to photograph the families later at The Crypt on the Green in Clerkenwell. Harry, Miriam and I did have a stroll over to Langhams Hotel for some natural portraits. The back streets of the Westend in this area are beautiful, lots of Regency Buildings and cobbles. A helpful bridesmaid carried my reflector and the bride and groom had a relaxing walk about while I captured some moments from afar. The guests were jumping on board two vintage double decker buses. The buses were waiting to whisk (drive very slowly through horrendous London traffic) to The Crypt on the Green in EC1 Clerkenwell for the wedding reception.

Wedding Reception at The Crypt on the Green in Clerkenwell

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Clerkenwell is in East London and known as a stylish area. Clerkenwell Green is at the heart of Clerkenwell and home to The Zetter Town House and Hotel as well as many popular restaurants and pubs. The Peasant Pub is a fave of mine and a regular Wedding Reception venue in Clerkenwell. Alongside these fab wedding reception venues is The Crypt on the Green. St. James Church is huge and tucked behind Clerkenwell. The Church has a cute garden at the back with lovely sweeping steps – perfect for family group photography. Underneath St.James Church is The Crypt on the Green. There are high vaulted ceilings and small windows, a perfect and romantic Clerkenwell wedding reception venue. When the buses arrived to The Crypt on the Green all the guests arranged themselves ready for confetti. The bride and groom jumped off the buses last and arrived to their wedding reception in a shower of confetti.

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There was a talented classical guitarist playing and Pimms doing the rounds. The garden behind St. James Church in Clerkenwell served as a great wedding reception drinks venue. Before long we all made our way under Ground to The Crypt where tables were laid out and seating plan set up. Speeches followed, hilarious and moving in equal part. A delicious Indian banquet followed, a buffet curry and a a table of cold lagers. On a hot summers day this was a very good call! The speeches were spread through out the meal. I like this system of spreading out the speeches, its a bit of fun over a couple of hours and a great reason to fill up your champagne flute multiple times!

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Once the speeches were finished the tables were removed and a large space opened up for dancing. An Irish Ceili dance was organised once the instructions were explained. Ceili’s are always a hoot but take a bit of coordination for tipsy amateurs! The dancing went on late into the evening. I left the wonderful party in full swing, thanks for making me so welcome guys, what a wedding! Are you are planning your own All Souls Church Langham Place wedding? Or a wedding reception at The Crypt on the Green in Clerkenwell? Then I would love to hear from you. I have availability at the end of 2022 and plenty of dates in 2023. Have a great summer and enjoy your wedding planning. I photograph weddings all over North London. I live in Stoke Newington in East London and regularly photograph weddings at all the big Town Halls around London. Feel free to flick through more weddings I have photographed – you get get a bit of inspiration for venue choices.

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