London Fields Hackney Wedding
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Hackney Town Hall Wedding

A London Fields and Hackney Town Hall wedding in the Spring – yes please! Rachel and Gareth live close to London Fields and refer to as their garden. The Hackney Wedding plans centered around an AirBnB in London Fields and a wedding ceremony at Hackney Town Hall. I met the bridal party in the final stages of wedding prep. The AirBnB was a fab Grand Design tucked away behind the park a convenient short walk from Hackney Town Hall. The walk to the Town Hall was particularly lovely. Morning coffee drinkers all clapped as Rachel, the mums and Sarah, her bridesmaid all walked past. Its something that London does really well, celebrating a marriage. Cars always honk when couples emerge from Marylebone Town Hall, its super cool and a lovely touch.

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London Fields Wedding

Hackney Town Hall is a fabulous wedding venue. The Hackney Venues team run a tight ship and the enormous space lends itself to Covid Micro weddings perfectly. Rachel, Gareth and guests all waited in the holding area and then were invited into the Committee room. The ceremony was short and very sweet. While the guests made their way outside ready for confetti, the newly wedding and I hung back for 2 minutes for portraits in the enormous North Atria. The steps of Hackney Town Hall with the Hackney Empire towering in the back ground are genuinely iconic. I have photographed 200 people on those steps therefore the ten or so Gachel and Gareth were allowed in the Covid times was a doddle!

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Hackney Wedding Photographer

The walk from the Hackney Town Hall wedding through London Fields was a wonderful celebration. I shadowed the happy couple as they enjoyed the walk to their low key wedding reception. I prefer not to ask couples to pose for portraits and take a natural approach. During the walk through the park we stopped occasionally as well wishers shouted out congrats. The sun shone and a Master Chef – Sven Hanson Britt – was preparing a feast back at the AirBnB. I left the party after the speeches and wish R & G all the best in the future. If you are planning your own London Fields Hackney Wedding then drop me a line, I would love to hear from you.

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