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Its a great pleasure to be asked to photograph a wedding reception at The Londesborough Pub in Stoke Newington. The Londesborough is a wonderful spacious pub a 10 minute walk from Stoke Newington Town Hall. If you are planning a Stoke Newington wedding at St. Marys, The Old Chapel or Clissold House then The Londesborough is a perfect choice for a wedding party reception. Every wedding I photograph in Stoke Newington has its own flavour, the personal style of the bride and groom imprinted on it. That said, there are some tried and tested Stoke Newington venues that work beautifully together.

Rose and Crown Pre wedding Pub and Boutique Guest House.

The Rose and Crown Pub and Boutique Guest House

The old school pub below serves decent food but the room above are quite special. The key to The Rose and Crown is that its directly opposite the Stoke Newington Town Hall and Clissold Park. Clissold Park is super popular for weddings because of the Clissold House wedding venue is which is managed by Hackney Venues. I met Laura and her gang in The Rose and Crown. Laura was in the final stages of wedding prep and looking dynamite. Alex meanwhile, was downstairs in the bar looking equally dapper as he greeted guests arriving for the big day.

Best Hackney Wedding Venues

Clissold Park Wedding Photographer

As I mentioned earlier, every wedding I photograph has its own unique style. Alex and Laura decided to hire a New Orlean’s style brass band to accompany them on the ten minute walk from Stoke Newington Town Hall to The Londesborough Pub. The wedding party received huge applause from many Hackney locals as they danced their way to the wedding reception. The Londesborough staff were waiting with trays of champagne as the wedding parade arrived to the pub Barbauld Road N16. Often I’m asked to photograph a big group picture of the entire wedding. There are convenient picnic benches out side the Londesborough which make for excellent platforms for guests to stand on. Laura and Alex wanted to keep any ‘formal’ portraiture to a minimum but the group picture was a must.

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One of the myriad reasons why The Londesborough is so successful is the quality of the food. Another reason is the pub suits a party, the tables get moved to clear space for a dance-floor and a DJ booth with excellent sound system are permanent fixtures. There’s plenty of space for me (you’re Hackney documentary wedding photographer) to float about and the small beer garden at the back is cute and useful for naughty smokers. Another beautiful twist to this Stoke Newington Wedding was a Chinese Tea Ceremony. Laura has Chinese heritage and included a gorgeous (and new to me) Tea ceremony honoring her relatives.

East London Award winning Documentary Wedding Photographer

Dinner and speeches followed the Tea Ceremony and before long the dance-floor was packed. I left the awesome party in full flow. If you are planning your own East London wedding then check out The Londesborough as a potential wedding reception venue. The Depot in Kings Cross is another fab pub reception venue along with The Drapers Arms in Islington. If you would like to check my availability then Drop me a line. My Portfolio has plenty of examples of full weddings from the last few years and My Style explains my low key documentary style. In the mean time, good luck with your wedding planning, I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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