The Glass House is a terrific Hackney Venues wedding venue in Springfield Park near Stoke Newington. As the name suggests, The Glass House has a lot of glass – think Kevin Mc Cloud grand design style. Springfield Park is a beautiful open space between Clapton and Stoke Newington in East London. A pretty canal runs along one side of the park and much of Springfield has been left to go quite wild, lots of wild flower meadows and tall grass. Clissold Park, which is a another attractive open space on the other side of Hackney is far more manicured than Springfield Park. Personally I love the wild and natural tall grasses and wild flowers of Springfield, its perfect for a post wedding stroll with a new Mr and Mrs, Mrs and Mrs, Mr and Mr…you get the idea!

Getting Married at The Glass House in Hackney

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Ariya and Lorin chose The Glass House for their Hackney Wedding celebrations. Lorin was meeting and greeting guests as Ariya arrived by black cab to the rear of the building, out of sight. The Glass House in Springfield Park is divided into two separate rooms. Lorin and Ariya tied the knot in one room while the other was decked out ready for the wedding breakfast or dinner, I prefer to call it! The wedding ceremony room opens out directly into Springfield Park which is super convenient for confetti after the wedding. Wedding guests made their way outside and formed two loose lines and greeted the newly minted Mr and Mrs with a shower of confetti and celebrations. There is a private court yard at The Glass House which is where we did a fun ‘everyone’ picture. We followed this with family portraits and champagne and canapes.

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While the wedding guests were enjoying a drink or two, Ariya, Lorin and I nipped off for some portraits in Springfield Park. Neither the bride or groom wanted anything too formal or static for their portraits so we just went for a little stroll. I tend not to ask couples to overly pose, I like a softly softly approach to portraiture. Springfield Park has little paths mowed through the long grass that are perfect for a private little walk. Often couples remark to me that nipping away from a wedding (albeit for only 10 minutes or so) provides a welcome breather in a a hectic day.

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Smoke flares are always fun. The Springfield Park Glass House is set in enough space that we were able to disappear into the wilderness and cause a little havok without getting into any trouble. The bride and groom gathered their bridesmaids and best-men, along with some colourful smoke bombs and went for a ramble. The colourful smoke always looks awesome against a big sky and we were far away enough from the wedding venue not to set any alarms off!

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Hackney Venues runs The Glass House in Springfield Park. This was my first visit to The Glass House although I’m a preferred supplier for Hackney Venues and know the other venues very well. Hackney Town Hall, Stoke Newington Town Hall and Clissold House all are managed by Hackney Venues. I live in Stoke Newington so am particularly excited that the Abney Park Chapel is about to open. Abney Park Cemetery is an amazing London hidden gem. Although getting married in a cemetery does sound a little odd, Abney Park is stunning with gorgeous woodland tracks. I recommend a walk on a Sunday, preferably with a dog and a pint at the end of it to truly take in the magnificence of the space.

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Are you planning an East London wedding and looking for a wedding photographer? If you would like to get in touch and chat through your wedding plans then drop me a line here and check my availability. I photograph weddings all over London and the UK. If you fancy reading a little more about My low key and relaxed Style or want to see a few more examples of my wedding photography then here’s my Portfolio. In the mean time, I’m based in Stoke Newington in Hackney and look forward to meeting you.

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