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“The combination of an Islington Town Hall wedding ceremony followed by a Drapers Arms Wedding Reception works. That’s a fact, you can bank it, rely on it and importantly enjoy the sh*t out of it!” John Sanders Weddings 2024

Islington Town Hall Wedding

There’s no shortage of splendid Town Halls in London. I know most of them and always enjoy my visits. Islington and Hackney Town Halls are very local to me as was my home Town Hall of Stoke Newington. Stoke Newington Town Hall is currently undergoing a well needed comprehensive refit and make over. Jenna and Ed had flown vast distance to tie the knot in The Council Chamber at Islington Town Hall. The day was made all the more special by guests having journeyed so far to celebrate.

London Town Hall Wedding Photographer

Jenna arrived by London Black Cab with her father. The wedding dress was magnificent and she looked dynamite. Ed was already inside and guests were taking their seats in the circular Council Chamber. I’ve always liked the way the wedding team Islington  Town Hall (@sayidoIslington) run a wedding. They’re always professional and efficient while including emotion and humour into the proceeding, a perfect balance.

Award Winning North London Wedding Photographer

The wedding guests made their way outside to the ornate exterior steps ready for Jenna and Ed’s confetti storm. I love the feel and the flattering light in marble corridor next to the Council Chamber. And the few minutes it takes guests to leave the chamber and go downstairs gives me a 5-minute window for some fun portraits. The huge marble staircase provides another wonderful opportunity for Mr and Mrs portraits, nothing too static or posed though, that’s not my style.

The Drapers Arms Islington Wedding Reception

The Drapers Arms, 44 Barnsbury Street, London, N1 1ER

There are a few key moments in a wedding and for me, confetti is one of the big ones. A wonderful outpouring of love and emotion. The steps of Islington Town Hall are perfect for confetti and also a few family groups straight after.

Best North London Pubs for wedding Receptions

The Drapers Arms is a 10-minute walk from Islington Town Hall. On this particular spring day the heavens opened so we all jumped into taxi’s. [Little side bar; Islington Upper Street is the only street in North London where you can always flag a cab, I don’t know why but they’re always on hand to swoop in and save a wedding dress from a soaking.] I’m very familiar with The Drapers Arms having photographed a number of fabulous wedding receptions here over the years. Things you are guaranteed when you book a wedding reception at The Drapers Arms;

  1. Amazing food, starting with totally delish canapes.
  2. Non wedding guests giving you a cheer and a clap when you enter the pub (I’ve always loved London for this, like cars beeping their horns when you exit the Town hall).
  3. Great staff who know their business, work to the right timings and welcome you with big smiles.

Those three reasons should make you consider the Drapers Arms for your wedding reception, you could also check out Fredericks, also in Islington or The Londesborough in Hackney.

Best London Wedding Portraits in the Rain

Rain does not stop play! Of course we all hope for fine weather on a wedding day but some of my absolute fave wedding portraits have been taken on rainy grey days. There is something beautifully romantic about a couple sheltering under a brolly, the close embrace, the shared moment. I like a stroll after a wedding with the bride and groom. It’s a chance for the bride and groom to take a little breather from all the excitement. Ed and Jenna were keen for a walk in the rain during drinks and canapes at their Drapers Arms wedding reception. The streets in this part of Islington are cute and cobbled and there’s a lovely little park just over the road from the pub.

Booking a London Wedding Photographer

We returned to The Drapers Arms for dinner and speeches. You can hire the entire pub for your wedding reception or, as in this case the stylish private dining space on the first floor. I left the party in the evening with a big smile on my face and a cold pint waiting for me downstairs. If you’re looking to commission your own wedding photography then I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line to Check My Availability.

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