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The Maine is a London Mayfair restaurant providing a private dining spaces for exclusive events. This amazing Hanover Square, grade II listed Georgian Town House Venue is set over three floors and has one of London’s ‘best’ restaurants.  The interior is luxury and decadent with chandeliers and mirrors everywhere.

The Maine Restaurant. 6 Medici Court. London. W1S 1JY

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Wedding Reception at The Drawing Room at The Maine in Mayfair

Daniel and Alekh got married at The Gherkin. The stylish couple wanted a low-key wedding with close friends and family only. The wedding reception was a little less restrained, The Maine is well known for its dinner with entertainment. The Drawing Room at The Maine comes complete with its own fabulous cocktail Bar. The bride and groom greeted guests as they arrived to this sumptuous wedding reception venue.

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London Private Members Club Wedding Reception

This was an especially lovely portrait commission as we planned to shoot everything after dark. I love using natural light and usually search out a warm and flattering back light for my couples. In this instance we had no day light so I started my evening with a thorough walk around the area. I took in Bond Street, Hanover Square and Medici Court (where Maine is located). Cute and romantic fairy lights are strung around Hanover square and combined with the Victorian style street lighting there was a gorgeous ambience. The bride, Daniel was after a glamorous ‘celebrity feel’ for her portraits so I obliged with some hard flash, the tux and her stunning cocktail dress really popped.

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Wedding Couple Portraits After Dark in Central London

Wedding Guests were enjoying trays of oysters and potent Dark and Stormy cocktails. I floated about the party capturing hidden moments while being collared for the odd family portrait. [I never mind being asked for impromptu family portraits. Although I don’t ask families if they want a picture when I’m asked I always oblige.] Alekh, Daniel and I had discussed their evening portrait session. The plan was for a gentle stroll through Hanover Square. This is the way approach most of my portraits, nothing too staged or formal. On this occasion I used a little flash as Daniel wanted a Paparazzi vibe to some of her portraits.

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Hanover Square Wedding Portraits at The Maine

When we returned to The Maine, the bride and groom jumped into the mirrored lift. I love unplanned portrait opportunities like this. The hard flash light pinged off the mirrors and polished steel producing strong highlights and shadows. It felt different from my usual style and I enjoyed it and totally dig the results! I usually avoid using too much flash as its distracting but in this location it totally worked.

the maine mayfair wedding 0020

Luxury London Wedding Reception Photographer

Mayfair has more than its fair share of luxury wedding reception venues. I’ve enjoyed photographing weddings at Bentleys Oyster Bar, Dartmouth House and The Chesterfield Hotel. It’s wonderful to now be familiar with The Maine, I would love a return visit! If you’re planning a London wedding and would like to chat through your plans then drop me a line through My Contact Page. I enjoy jotting down thoughts on all my weddings so feel free to check out My Journal for a bit of wedding inspo! In the meantime, I hope you’ve enjoyed my photography from Daniel and Alekh’s Maine Wedding Reception. I have availability for the end of this year and plenty for next. I’m very much looking forward to meeting you.

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