stoke newington londesborough pub wedding
stoke newington londesborough pub wedding

Amy & Jess – Stoke Newington Londesborough Pub Wedding

I’m a fan of any wedding that starts in Stoke Newington and ends in Stoke Newington but when you add The Londesborough Pub and two Alpacca’s its like turning a wedding up to 11!

I met Jess, looking suitably dapper in The Rose and Crown surrounded by kilted fellas and a  lovely gang of mates all enjoying a pre wedding tipple. The sun was shining as the guests made their way to Stoke Newington Town Hall for the day’s main event. Amy arrived, fashionably late looking absolute dynamite. We were entertained with readings and music and before long Amy and Jess were emerging from the Town Hall into a storm of confetti and cheers.

After a fun family group portrait session on the steps of Stoke Newington Town Hall we all made our way to The Londesborough Pub for the wedding reception. Amy, Jess and I, (ably assisted by Jess’s Dad and sister) stopped along the way for some relaxed informal portraits. The benches outside The Londesborough always lend themselves perfectly to a group picture, the more adventurous guests clambering on top of the tables to raise a glass.

Dinner and speeches followed. Its rare to have a clean sweep of fantastic speeches, there’s usually at least one dud but on this occasion each speaker smashed it! Hilarious and moving in equal part. After a lovely first dance the party really kicked off, a live PA by Phat’s and Small “Hey! Whats wrrong with you?” took us all back to the noughties  and the DJ kept the bangers coming late into the night.

Huge thank you’s to Amy, Jess and all the helpers for making me so welcome. If you are planning your own wedding then drop me a line



Wedding venue – Stoke Newington Town Hall

Reception Venue – The Londesborough Pub

Brides Dress – Alice Temperley

Bridal make up – Stephanie MUA

Bridal hair – Veronika Spohn

Stoke Newington Londesborough Pub Wedding

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