Fulham Palace wedding photographer

This was my first visit to Fulham Palace in West London, wow. I cant believe this stylish venue has passed me by, its fantastic. I am familiar with many West London wedding venues, The Hurlingham Club and Pitzhanger Manor are a stones throw from Fulham Palace. I am a London Wedding Photographer, therefore even more bizarre that this wonderful London wedding venue has only just hit my radar.

Fulham Palace wedding photographer

Fulham Palace Engagement Portrait Photographer

Narjis and Hanry had planned a portrait photography session ahead of their 2023 wedding in New York. Initially the portraits were to be at The Pitzhanger Manor in Gunnersbury but switched to Fulham Palace House and Gardens at the last minute. I arrived early to the venue, in December that meant it was still dark! We had the complete run of the place until 10a.m, no general public. The fun couple were dressed to impress, black tie is increasingly popular for weddings now, it used to be just in the States. I like a tux, hard not to channel James Bond when you are in Black Tie..

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The Fulham Palace sits beside The Thames and was the traditional home of London Bishops. The gorgeous building is bloomin’ ancient with a ton of cute rooms including a library, great hall and Chapel. The Chapel at Fulham Palace is no-longer consecrated. That means you cant have a religious wedding there with a priest and hymns etc. You can get married in the chapel as you would in a Town Hall – a civil ceremony. For this engagement portrait session we decided to use as much of the Fulham Palace space as possible. Hanry and Narjis have Middle Eastern heritage. They wanted their portraits to reflect som old school English history – Fulham Palace ticked ALL their boxes.

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We started the portraits in The Library. I prefer a relaxed approach to portraiture so we had a fun chat while I snapped away. I like a bit of movement in my photography, as little static posing as possible. Both the bride and groom (to be…) asked for a little direction with regard to how to stand, how to be relaxed, I am always happy to help. We moved onto the Chapel and, finally as it got lighter outside into the amazing court yard. The Court Yard is something out of a Pride and Prejudice costume drama. You can totally imagine horse drawn carriages dropping off top hat guests in this stylish cobbled area. Hanry had brought a bottle of champagne and two glasses which worked well as a prop and as a reward for after the shoot! We were blessed with winter sunshine, low and long shadows, lots of flare, my fave conditions.

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I love flares and smoke bombs in portraits. Over the last few years smoke bombs have become popular, the reason is they look awesome! We were allowed to pull the pin on the smoke bombs as long as we were away from the main building. Its worth checking which was the wind is blowing before setting these bad boys off, I’ve seen marquees accidentally filled with purple smoke before, all very Jimi Hendrix but not necessarily what your after!

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My style of reportage portrait photography really lends itself to a fun stroll in beautiful surroundings. Fulham Palace is absolutely perfect for a romantic winter wander, particularly if you have an expensive bottle of fizz under your arm. The walled garden at The Fulham Palace is a lovely mix of ornate and wild. Hanry and Narjis enjoyed a walk arm in arm as the low December sunshine back-light them beautifully. This whole engagement session lasted 2 hours and was a giggle from start to finish. Are you planning your own wedding for 2023 or 2024? I am taking booking now and have some big summer dates still available. I’m based in North London and photograph weddings all over the UK and abroad. Yo can enjoy examples of my weddings on my Portfolio Page or flick through my Journal to see more examples of my photography.

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Please feel free to use my Contact Form to get in touch and check my availability. I am around for a coffee and a chat over the festive period and into the New Year. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers.

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