Stoke Newington pub wedding reception with live band. The Londesborough

Stoke Newington Pub Wedding Reception

The Londesborough Pub in Stoke Newington N16 is a fabulous and popular wedding reception venue. I have photographed many wedding receptions in The Londesborough N16. All the wedding receptions I have photographed at The Londesborough share the essentials; great food, amazing service and awesome music. Helen and Simon had their wedding plans derailed last year. Clissold House was booked for a big Stoke Newington wedding. The Londesborough was playing host for the wedding reception. Happily we managed to get the wedding bit done but the wedding reception went on hold.

Clissold House – Stoke Newington Wedding Photographer

We now fast forward to October 2021. Simon and Helen found space in the busy Londesborough N16 diary – its party time in Stokey! The Londesborough has a space for a live band and a dance floor. Helen is part of a super talented collective of musicians called the Shunta Balkan Band. This Balkan, Roma/Gypsy Band (hard to pigeon hole this lot!) were AMAZING! All the guests were on the dance-floor and tambourines were handed out.

Stoke Newington pub wedding reception with live band. The Londesborough

Best Hackney Pub Wedding Reception Venue for Live Band

The Londesborough Pub in Stoke Newington is one of my fave Hackney Pub wedding reception venues. I am based in Stoke Newington. If you would like to meet to discuss your own wedding plans then please feel free to Drop me a line. Here are a afew more bangers from this wonderful Londesborough Pub N16 wedding reception.

Live band Hackney Pub Wedding Reception

Live Music supplied by: The Shunta Band

Wedding Reception Pub Venue: The Londesborough. Barbauld Road. Stoke Newington

Clissold House Wedding Venue

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