Micro Wedding at Old Marylebone Town Hall

This was not my first micro wedding at Old Marylebone Town Hall. I have photographed many forms of weddings at Marylebone Town Hall over the years. This West London town Hall has adapted well to the pandemic. The micro wedding has become enormously popular. We are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. But for the next few months I am looking forward to a plenty more intimate ‘family only’ weddings. Here is a little snippet of Ash and Chris’s micro wedding last weekend.

Weddings at Old Marylebone Town Hall Westminster Room

In ‘normal’ times The Westminster Room is large enough to accommodate 100 guests. Ash and Chris only had their 5 kids in attendance. What about the rule of 6? The couple managed to squeeze in one extra as their eldest son is actually a professional musician and played the entrance music – cleverness! Word to the wise – legally you are allowed a musician to be in the room as well as the 6 guests.

Social Distancing in Old Marylebone Town Hall Westminster Room

The Westminster room at Marylebone Town Hall is the largest room in the Town Hall. Social distancing was easy. Chairs were spaced out and I was allowed to move freely. Check out My Style to see how I like to work. In the smaller rooms used for weddings such as Knightsbridge Room or Soho Room the photographer has to remain static. This limits the photography greatly. Masks are always going to impact on wedding photography. Ash and Chris didn’t have to wear masks but their kids and I did. The wedding itself was sweet, quick and easy. Covid restrictions have meant that the beautiful corridors I usually use for Mr and Mrs portraits are actually out of bounds. Buuut, the Old Marylebone Town Hall staff kindly let the newly weds have a little stroll enabling me to grab a few unposed and relaxed portraits.

London Town Hall wedding

Chris and Ash made their way outside to their waiting family. I always love this little walk as the marble and wood panelling in Westminster Old Marylebone Town Hall is so gorgeous for pictures. Confetti and celebrations followed on the steps of the town hall. I always love the cars that honk their horns for the newly weds, for me, thats proper London! We all piled into cabs for a short hop to St.James for portraits before I left the happy couple to a family dinner. If you are planning your own London Town Hall wedding then drop me a line, I still have a few key dates available and would love to hear your plans.

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