islington assembly rooms wedding photographer

Islington Assembly Rooms Wedding Photographer

islington assembly rooms wedding photographer
Niall and Gareth chose the Islington Assembly Hall to host their fabulous wedding. Situated immediately beside Islington Town Hall, the Islington Assembly Hall is a very large banquet hall that doubles as a popular gig location with a huge stage and tiered balcony seating.

I met the two grooms at the Islington Hilton Hotel on Upper Street, both looking suitably dapper. Niall, in a traditional Scottish Kilt, was giving significant thought as to whether he should walk down Upper Street with a Sgian-Dubn (Scottish Kilt knife) tucked into his long socks – clearly the thought of being arrested for concealing a knife on the way to your own wedding merited a moments pause! Gary, looking equally smart was trying to explain to me why the wedding flowers had actually been ordered from a Cardiff based florist, I’m still not entirely sure why…

All the guests met at the popular (and super convenient) Vineyard Pub which is bang opposite the Assembly Hall. A quick pint, a hug and handshake later we all made our way over to the venue for the service. Niall and Gary became husband and husband in a moving service after which we all dashed out to grab a very quick family group picture session before the rain hit- which it did in earnest a few minutes later!

After dinner (an epic meal of Pie & Mash, genuinely perfect!) we had the speeches – a roller-coaster of humour and emotion and incredibly touching. Cake cutting and first dances led swiftly into the play list of all playlists – a mix tape extrordinaire.

I left the wonderful party in full flow and would like to wish both Niall and Gary all the very best in the future.


Wedding & Reception Venue – ISLINGTON ASSEMBLY HALL

Islington Assembly Rooms Wedding Photographer

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