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Emma & Harry – Weybridge wedding photography

It was a huge pleasure to be asked to photograph Emma and Harry’s wedding, particularly as Emma is the sister of a friend whose wedding I had the pleasure to photograph in 2015.

I met Harry and the fellas in a local Weybridge pub – The British Volunteer. Harry, his father, brothers and pals all looked suitably dapper, eating sarnies and drinking a pint or two.

Emma meanwhile was back at the family homestead ‘The White House’ in the final stages of wedding prep. The marquee was up and the sun (at this stage) was shining. With the family gathered, Emma descended the stairs looking fabulous and an emotional family love-in ensued.

Vintage Rolls Royces and Jags took the bridal party to the church – a beautiful Catholic church, St.Annes – where Harry and the ushers welcomed arriving guests. The service went without a hitch, and afterwards as the guests boarded a red double decker to take them back to the family home and reception, the immediate families remained for a short group photo session.

After a lovely ‘confetti in the rain’ moment the guests tucked into canapes and bubbles. Dinner and speeches followed, amusing and moving in equal measure. After the cutting of the cake, Harry and Emma took to the dance floor and the evening bash started in earnest. Following a rousing chorus of ‘We are Family’ with the occasional karaoke style grabbing of the mic the dance floor remained packed until I quietly made an exit.

Huge thanks to Emma and Harry for making me so welcome, I wish them both all the very best in the future. Additional thanks go to Kate, Toby and (of course) Gerald Russel for being such amazing hosts.

J x

Weybridge wedding photography

Wedding Photographer –

Pre-wedding pub – The British Volunteer

Church – St.Annes Church – Weybridge


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